Cynthia studied classical piano at the Chicago Conservatory College of Music and was staff writer for Savoy/Malaco Records from 1989 to 1997.  On July 14, 2007, she received a Doctorate Degree in Music and the Sacred Arts from Midwest Biblical Institute.

God has blessed her to win numerous awards for performances on piano, as well as for her God-given talent of song composition and arrangement, having composed songs that have been recorded for various Chicagoland ministries including Dr. LuVonia Whittley and the Corinthian Temple Radio Choir, Reverend Clay Evans and Fellowship Baptist Church, Reverend Timothy Wright, First Jurisdiction of Illinois COGIC Mass Choir, Reverend Charles G. Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir, Shun Pace, Donald Vail and the AARC Mass Choir, Georgia Mass Choir and many more.  In 1994, Cynthia received a Stellar Award nomination for best song, “Step Back and Let God Do It.”  Dr. Nunn taught the 2010 and 2011 Summer Transition Program “History and Roots of Gospel Music” at Northeastern Illinois University Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies.  In September 2011, she was chosen as guest artist to open for Pastor Donnie McClurkin in Chicago, IL.  Her composition, ‘‘He's Our Hope’’ was chosen for recording at the Edwin and Walter Hawkins Music & Arts Love Fellowship Conference 2010.

Blessed to travel abroad, Dr. Nunn has been special guest instructor in Stockholm, Sweden for their GOSPELKOR FESTIVALS for several years, training and teaching seminars concerning traditional and contemporary gospel to choirs from all over Northwestern Europe.  She was chosen as U.S. delegate of the religious ceremonies during the World Expo 2000 held in Hanover, Germany, where Bishop Desmond Tutu was the speaker.  Dr. Nunn also conducted workshops in Stuttgart and Frankfurt Germany, Paris France, Zurich Switzerland, Poland and Finland.  She has made over 60 trips to Europe over the past few years in the gospel ministry.

Dr. Nunn is the Director for the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) Honor Choir and President of the  Illinois Midwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Music Department; Bishop Darrell Hines, Jurisdictional Prelate. Prior to this appointment, Cynthia served for 10 years as Minister of Music for the R.L. Dorris District (Northern Illinois Jurisdiction); 14 years at Evangelistic Crusaders COGIC under the late Pastor George Liggins, and for 11 years as Minister of Music for the King of Glory COGIC under the late Bishop Sheppard Little.

Dr. Nunn is an Executive Staff Member for the Church of God in Christ International Music Department, under the leadership of President Dr. Judith C. McAllister.  She has conducted workshops for 5th Illinois West Jurisdiction (Bishop James Washington); 5th Illinois East Jurisdiction (Bishop James C. Austin, Sr.); Wisconsin First Jurisdiction (Bishop Sedgwick Daniels); and Mt. Airy COGIC in Philadelphia, PA (Bishop Ernest C. Morris, Sr. / Pastor, Dr. J. Louis Felton).

In 2002, Pastor Marvin O. Nunn, her husband of 38 years, founded Dayspring Ministries Church of God in Christ with Cynthia faithfully by his side.  Together they established Second To Nunn Music Ministry; a school whose mission is to provide a structured foundation to develop students learning of concepts, music theory, and instructional practices to build the necessary competencies and skills to become musicians, choir leaders and instructors of music. 

Dr. Nunn’s greatest affirmation is that she loves the Lord and seeks to please Him in all that she does.


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